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SUBJECT: February Newsletter

February Newsletter 2024

February holds significant importance at MIMS as it commemorates both Black History Month and celebrates Chinese New Year, highlighting the diversity and cultural richness of our school community.  

Black History Month serves as a time to honor and celebrate the achievements and contributions of African Americans throughout history. It provides an opportunity for students to learn about the struggles, triumphs, and pivotal moments in history, fostering understanding, empathy, and respect. 

Chinese New Year consists of 15 days of celebrations. The initial day of festivities falls on the day of the first new moon between January 21 and February 20.  The biggest focus for Chinese New Year is family reunions and honoring your ancestors. People travel far and wide to spend time with their families. Celebrations consist of food items filled with symbolism to bring in the luckiest, most prosperous new year.  Fish for example means extra, in hopes of extra wealth. Chicken and oranges symbolize good luck, because the Chinese pronunciation is similar.
Other common customs include red envelopes filled with money to children, firecrackers, a big meal with family, and paying respects to relatives who have passed away. The last day of Chinese New Year is the Lantern Festival. On this day, people hang up glowing lanterns and eat sweet rice dumplings called Tangyuan. There are 12 zodiac animals, for each year in the zodiac calendar. The animals have individual characteristics. In 2024, we celebrate the year of the dragon.

By commemorating both Black History Month and Chinese New Year, MIMS embraces diversity, promotes cultural awareness, and encourages inclusivity with the community. These celebrations provide opportunities for students to learn about different cultures, histories, and perspectives. 

The MIMS PTO team has been hard at work in planning several celebrations that enriches the educational experience for students and strengthens connections among families, teachers and staff at MIMS. With the dedication and enthusiasm of the PTO team, combined with the participation of the entire school community, we are bound for an unforgettable month filled with meaningful celebrations and cherished memories!  

PTO President & MIMS PTO

MIMS’ Chinese New Year Festival 2024

 MIMS 2024 Chinese New Year Festival 

Year of the Dragon

Saturday, February 24, 2024

10am - 3pm

5445 W. Alabama Street, Houston, TX 77056

Click HERE for more info

Ticket pre-sales: HERE

CNY 2024 FAQ

We need 360 volunteers to make this event successful! 

Please sign up for a shift: 

Sign up for STUDENT volunteers: HERE

Sign up for PARENT volunteers: HERE

CNY Bake Sale

WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS!  MIMS students, parents, family members, teachers, staff, and friends can donate baked goods (or any edible goodies) that will be sold at the Festival on Saturday February 24th.  100% of the proceeds go to MIMS!  The treats can be store bought or homemade (time to show off your skills).  

Bake sale sign up: HERE

PTO Board Spotlight
Kim Tran & Janine Zampetti McClenny
Kimberly Tran

Kim’s dedication and involvement at MIMS over the years as a parent volunteer and now as a PTO Board Member showcase her commitment and love to the school community. She has been active in various roles, from hosting sociables, being a room parent, helping with the Festival Committee, Teacher Appreciation Committee, and the MIMS Store. She is willing to contribute in any way possible and always goes above and beyond.  

Although this is her first year as an official PTO Board Member, Kim has been a long devoted MIMS parent volunteer.  Kim and her husband, Long, have two children, Lily and Luke, and they have been a part of MIMS for seven years.  As Secretary, Kim records and maintains meeting minutes and communicates information for the MIMS community through the PTO website calendar and many, many WhatsApp groups. But let’s not stop there, Kim also designs all of our event flyers, helps fulfill teachers’ wishlists, and participates as a homeroom parent. 

Kim has a reputation as the go-to person for missing information which speaks volume about her reliability, resourcefulness, and dedication to ensuring smooth operations within our community.  Her ability to provide crucial details at a moment’s notice reflects her exceptional organizational skills and willingness to go the extra mile to support others.  

Beyond her official role as Secretary, Kim’s warm personality and genuine care for others create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at MIMS.  Her love for spending time with family and friends, coupled with her enjoyment of caramel macchiatos and fruit tea boba add a personal touch to her contributions.  She regularly brings the teachers and staff boba drinks, snacks, and gifts.  Her presence is cherished within the community! 

In recognizing Kim as one of the most dedicated volunteers at MIMS, we celebrate her selflessness, generosity, and unwavering commitment to supporting our teachers, staff, and the entire school community.  Her positive impact inspires us to follow in her footsteps and make a difference. Thank you, Kim, for all that you do.  

Janine Zampetti McClenny

Janine has had quite a journey in her own personal life, moving with her family from a small town in Pennsylvania and settling down roots in Houston, Texas.  Janine earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications-Media Studies and a minor in Educational Psychology from the University of Houston.  She started as an intern  at Memorial Hermann Hospital where she filmed doctor interviews and created social media and press releases for the media department.  However, with a passion for making a difference in the community, she went on to teach at MIMS as a Kindergarten teacher beside Ms. Wang for two years (formerly known as MCLIMS) then became a reading & dyslexia intervention teacher for 6 years. She is now a Dyslexia Interventionist at HISD and has been teaching for a total of 11 years.  Her dedication to teaching and her passion for making a difference are commendable.

Janine and her husband Justin have four girls, McKenzie, Aislee (MIMS alumni), Charlotte (5th), and Cora (1st).  They are thriving in their own pursuits, with McKenzie pursuing law, Aislee exploring college options, and Charlotte and Cora enjoying their time at MIMS.  

Outside of raising four kids and holding a full-time job, Janine loves volunteering at MIMS.  She is this year’s Communications Director and has been in the past  a room parent, UIL teacher liaison, Teacher Appreciation committee lead, Hospitality Committee Chair and PTO Board Historian.  Her involvement and love for MIMS reflects a strong sense of dedication to making a difference by supporting both teachers and students alike. 

Janine’s hobbies include travel, reading, photography and nature. She loves spending time with her family exploring Houston, playing board games and watching movies at home. As this year’s Communications Director, Janine brings a blend of skills, experiences, and passions to the role, ensuring that our community stays informed and engaged with up-to-date news and information.  Her hobbies infuse creativity and inspiration into her communications style, whether it’s capturing captivating, fun images for our newsletters and yearbook, updating our social media outlets, sending out regular reminders for our busy parents, or pulling us all together for Fu Fri Yay meet-ups.

Janine’s role as Communications Director is integral to keeping the community connected, informed, and engaged!


Upcoming Events
Lunch Day With Parents
Feb 2  -
  PK, 2nd, MS
Feb 15-
  K (Wang/Sims)
Feb 16-
  K (Zhang/Tijer)   3rd & SLL
Feb 23-
  1st, 4th & 5th
Fu Fri Yay

Friday, February 2nd

French Riviera

3100 Chimney Rock Rd

Spring & Class Picture Day


February 2

MIMS Spirit Day

Spirit Day @ Fajita Pete's

Thursday, Feb 8th

CNY Class Parties


February 9th


If you’ve been missing our general PTO meetings, you can find all meeting minutes and financial documents on our website

PTO General Meeting

Friday, February 9th

MIMS Cafeteria

Can't make it in person?

Join with Zoom

100 Days of School


February 15th

Teacher Appreciation

MIMS' Teacher Appreciation Committee organizes events throughout the year, especially around holidays and Teacher Appreciation Week to show our teachers and staff how much we value them.  In February, we are hosting two lunches, one to celebrate Black History Month and one in honor of Chinese New Year. 

We are looking for donations to help ensure a great lunch for our teachers and staff: 

Chinese New Year Luncheon - Feb 15, 2024

Black History Month Luncheon - Feb 29, 2024

Chinese New Year

Staff Appreciation Lunch


Februrary 15th


Thursday, February 15th


MIMS Cafeteria

No School

Monday, February 19th

Go Texan Day

Friday, February 23rd

Tea With Tiet


February 27th

9 am

MIMS Cafeteria

Staff Appreciation Lunch

Black History Month

Thursday, Februrary 29th

Bring a Dish/Serve Food or Donate: HERE

MIMS...Let's celebrate Black History Month 2024 and honor our amazing Teachers and Staff!

The National Black History Month 2024 theme, "African American and the Arts", explores the many impacts Black Americans have had on visual arts, music, cultural movements, and more.  What an exciting time to reflect upon the colorful, soulful, and eclectic contributions of our authors, plays, movies, and artists…contributions like the movie, The Color Purple by Black American Writer, Alice Walker!

The Color Purple movie, first released in 1982 and redone in 2023, is a beautiful story about finding extraordinary strength, resilience, and hope through the bonds of sisterhood.  The Color Purple will be the inspiration for this year’s menu and decorations.

MIMS PTO & the Teacher Appreciation Committee are excited to share this volunteer opportunity with the entire MIMS community.  This is your chance to contribute an amazing Southern dish, participate in serving our staff, and/or donate funds toward the event.

We thank you in advance for your generosity and desire to make this an amazing event for Teachers & Staff!

MIMS PTO Teacher Appreciation Committee

Middle School News
MIMS Basketball

Come Cheer on our Boys and Girls Teams!

Go MIMS!!!!!

CNY Outfit Exchange

Leave One Take One!

 February 5th-23rd 

Two large bins will be placed in the front office organized by size. 

Please place your gently used outfits in the correct bin.

 Feel free to take one for each outfit donated. 

Many thanks!

Used Uniforms

  Please drop off your gently used uniforms to the clear bin in the Parent Room. Parent volunteers will sort and organize them periodically. 

Jackets/sweatshirts that are dress code compliant are especially welcome. 

Please check the updated dress code policies for references 


 Thank you! 

Yuanyuan Feng

Help us make a difference!

Join us in this eco-friendly initiative! Green City Recycler is a fantastic text-to-recycling company that converts used clothing, shoes, and household items from the landfill. Let's work together to reduce textile waste and protect our environment. Drop off your items conveniently at the recycler located by the carpool lane at the front of the school. 

For more information visit Green City Recycler

Volunteer Opportunities

We love our volunteers and appreciate any amount of time you are able to give. To see a list of our current volunteer opportunities, click the link below. 

Volunteer Now!

No Time to Volunteer?

Let's Get Sociable MIMS!

Deadline to Purchase Yearbook Tributes: 

March 01, 2024

Mr. Ibarra

Shining a spotlight on Mr. Ibarra, our dedicated 4th and 5th grade Social Studies teacher here at MIMS. Mr. Ibarra is not only an experienced educator but also a single dad of three amazing boys, including twins who are 18 and a 21 years old son.

With a teaching career spanning 18 years, Mr. Ibarra has been an asset to MIMS. He has taught and coached a wide range of subjects and activities, showcasing his versatility and passion for education. Mr. Ibarra's commitment to providing a better life for his family led him to pursue certification six years ago, further enhancing his teaching skills.

He holds a master’s in psychology and has taught students from 4th grade to high school. During his five years at MIMS, he spent the first two years in the middle school before transitioning to the elementary level.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Mr. Ibarra also serves as a coach and athletic coordinator at MIMS. He coaches the MIMS boys basketball teams for 7th and 8th grade, as well as the girls and boys soccer teams. His dedication to sports extends beyond the school as he runs a volleyball club in his free time.

Mr. Ibarra feels truly blessed to be a part of the MIMS community. He appreciates the support and collaboration among his colleagues, administrators, and parents. Outside of school, he enjoys playing golf and spending quality time with his children. He has a love for watching and playing sports and enjoys watching cooking shows, sports, comedy, and action movies.

Mr. Ibarra's roots are deeply connected to Houston, as he grew up in the Spring Branch area and was born and raised in the city. His personal experiences and diverse background contribute to his ability to connect with students and create a positive learning environment.

We are grateful to have Mr. Ibarra as a teacher at MIMS, and we appreciate his dedication, passion, and commitment to our students and community.

MIMS Chronicle Highlight
How to Join PTO

Our  nominating committee: Jennifer Chou Pham, Maria Cavanaugh, Libby Ingrassia, Sophia Chacon, Candy Feng, Ms. Simpson, Ms. Tiet. 

Please email: Jenchou10@gmail.com for further questions regarding the PTO board.

Process of submitting nomination

  1. Nominations must be submitted on or before one week prior to the March general meeting (following Spring Break). The March general meeting is on Friday 3/22/24. Candidates will be announced at the March meeting. 

  2. Additional nominations can be accepted from the floor during that meeting and 24 hours following the meeting. 

  3. April general meeting will be the election meeting (release slate of Officers one week before).

  4. Each Board position is limited to two terms.

Looking Ahead
Thursday, February 1
MIMS vs Welch - Girls Basketball @ MIMS
6:00p MIMS vs Welch - Girls Basketball @ MIMS
Friday, February 2
Friday Lunch: PK, 2nd, MS
Class Picture Day
8:30a Fu Fri Yay - French Riviera
Monday, February 5
4:30p PTO Executive Board Meeting
Thursday, February 8
MIMS vs Meyerland - Girls Basketball @ MIMS
Spirit Day @ Fajita Pete's (Bellaire)
Friday, February 9
9:00a PTO General Meeting
Thursday, February 15
Teacher Appreciation Event
Lunch: K (Wang and Sims)
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