PTO Committees

The PTO sponsors many different committees, each of which would love to have your time and talents! These committees help raise funds for the school, engage in community building among our families and teachers, and  support the MIMS values. Of course, the benefits to you are many, including making great friends among the other parents and having fun while you support our students.

The PTO board convenes committees, confirms chairs, and provides budget and support as appropriate. We are still in the process of confirming chairs for this school year. If you have questions or would like to help with a particular committee, please e-mail the PTO.

Committees (2023-2024)

Here’s a list of our committees and chairs, and brief descriptions of the major responsibilities of each. Additional updates coming soon. For more information, please e-mail the PTO at 

  • Book Fairs: Plan, organize, and run one or more book fairs throughout the year. Also maintain MIMS’ relationship with Scholastic and their programs.

  • Bylaws Review: Will convene every 3 years to review the bylaws or as necessary to take up suggestions.

  • Chinese New Year: Plan, organize, and run the annual Chinese New Year Festival. 

  • Community Fundraising: Solicit donations from local small business, plan and coordinate Spirit Days/Nights with local restaurants. The Community Fundraising Committee will also handle birthday marquee requests.

  • Diversity & Heritage Months: In conjunction with MIMS staff, plan and organize events for various diversity & heritage months (Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, AAPI Heritage Month). 

  • Elementary School Advisory: works with the Elementary School VP to represent needs of elementary school parents and students. 

  • Financial Review: Provide oversight and feedback on financial matters, and increase transparency for PTO members.

  • Grants: Work to find grant opportunities, and write grants. 

  • Hospitality: Organize and host various events throughout the year. Events include, but are not limited to: summer play dates for incoming students, Fu Fri Yay: coffee chats for parents, welcome events for new parents, first day of school boohoo/woohoo.

  • Immigration Committee: Proactively support MIMS staff with the visa process for H1B and permanent residency.

  • International Festival: Organize and run the International Festival in the spring. 

  • Mid Autumn Festival: Organize and run the Mid Autumn Festival, which is held each fall. 

  • Middle School Advisory: works with the Middle School School VP to represent needs of middle school parents and students. 

  • Nominating: Convened each spring to recruit and nominate candidates for the MIMS PTO Executive Board and committee chair roles.

  • Recruiting: Ensure we are effectively advertising our school to the HISD community, including at magnet events and tours, and field inquiries from prospective families. Recruitment efforts are currently primarily focused on the Middle School.

  • Spark Park: Planning and maintaining our Spark Park, including solicitation of grants for funding and working with architects and contractors to ensure completion of projects.

  • Spirit Wear & Spirit Store: Maintain a Spirit Store that sells Spirit Wear and other clothing items and accessories. Items will also sometimes be sold at in-person events.

  • Teacher Appreciation: Organize events throughout the year, especially around holidays and Teacher Appreciation Week to show our teachers and staff how much we value them.

  • UIL: Work with MIMS staff to advertise and run a UIL team or teams.

  • Used Uniforms & Costumes: Collect, store, and distribute clean and gently-used uniforms and Chinese costumes. Uniforms are mainly collected and distributed at the beginning and end of the school years, and Chinese costumes are mainly collected and distributed shortly before and after events where students wear them.

  • Yearbook : Work with MIMS staff to plan, create, order, and distribute the yearbook.

  • Sports & Sports Booster

  • MIMS Store (MIMS Dollars / Academic & Character Support)

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