Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - sociables

Q. What is a sociable?
A sociable is a party or event that you host – by yourself or with a group. It can be just for adults or kids, a specific grade level, or all of the above. Just pick a theme or focus for the event that you enjoy.




Q. What is required of a sociable host?
  • Host(s) donate the event cost. This includes admission fees, equipment rental, food, etc.
  • Determine the audience. Do you want to host a dumpling making party for third graders? How about a mini mudder run? Or a video game truck event for middle schoolers? What about a dad’s poker night?

  • Set a price per person. Will you charge a flat fee for kids and adults? Host families do not have to purchase a sociable ticket.  You may choose to offer teacher(s) complimentary admission as well.

  • Hosts must factor these considerations in setting the price of the event. Some events price at $15, but the average ticket range is $30-60/person.

  • Decide if the event will be a kid drop off event, require a chaperone for the kids, or adults only. Some venues, like Cidercade, requires that everyone must have an admission ticket, even chaperones.

  • Set a date. Avoid the week of spring break, Thanksgiving, winter break or our Lunar New Year festival. Often times long holiday weekends or federal holidays such as MLK Day or Chavez-Huerta Day are good.

Q. What are examples of the most successful sociables?
Ideally it is best to find other families to cohost events. This helps in cost sharing. Parents have asked for co-hosts to volunteer through WhatsApp, Facebook and WeChat. You are not alone!

Some events bring in lots of donations to PTO. These include Songs and soju, mahjong, ice skating, bagel bolt run, and the end of year swim party.

Other successful events are about building our school community. Examples are cookies and cocoa, donut decorating, etc. These sociables are usually grade level specific.

Occasionally parents pair up with teachers to host a grade level party with a theme like origami, calligraphy, a movie and popcorn after school, etc. These sociables tend to be on campus immediately after school.
Q. How does a host set the price of a sociable ticket? 
Determine how much the event will cost to host. Estimate how many people will sign up. Then figure how much each guest would have to pay to attend. This will give you a good idea on sociable cost. 
Q. My home is too small to hold a sociable. What are some options?
Some families have hosted events at neighborhood parks or at Levy Park. Others have asked for hosts who are willing to open up their homes.
Q. What are the benefits to hosting?
First and foremost, you are supporting your child’s PTO.
It’s also a great way for not only you but others to meet more of our MIMS community.
Q. How do we promote the event?
You can create flyers, post on Facebook, WhatsApp and talk it up with friends to build excitement.
Q. How can PTO assist?
PTO will help promote and sell tickets to the experience. We publish a calendar of Sociables and include them in our newsletters, meetings, web site and other updates.
Q. I’m in! How do I get started?
Fill out this form, and PTO will follow up.
Please contact with any questions.


Q. Help! I missed the original deadline on when to submit! Can I still submit a Sociable?

Yes! Well it depends actually.

See the chart below for dates to submit:


Fall Semester Second Chance Sociables are scheduled to launch on 10/16/23.

Your sociable must be submitted by 10/13/23 (sorry, no exceptions).

If you missed this cut off, your next option is to try for the Spring Semester.


Spring Semester Sociables are scheduled to launch on 1/17/24.

Your sociable must be submitted by 01/12/24 (again, sorry no exceptions).

There will be no more submissions for the remainder of the school year.